External Oblique

External Oblique

External Surfaces of the 5th – 12th Ribs

Linea Alba, Pubic Tubercle and anterior Half of the Iliac Crest


  • Bilateral: Flexion
  • Unilateral: Ipsilateral Lateral Flexion, Contralateral Rotation

Thoracoabdominal Nerves


Palpation (Side Lying):

  • I will begin at the Xiphod Process and travel directly laterally following the 5th Rib to the Lateral Aspect of the Torso.
  • From here I will drop directly inferiorly to come in contact with the 12th Rib and to outline the External Surfaces of 5th – 12th Ribs.
  • This muscle does lateral flexion of the torso so I will ask my client to lift their body towards the ceiling (side crunch) so I can palpate inferiomedial fiber direction to the Anterior Half of Iliac Crest, and continuing towards the Linea Alba.
  • The client can now relax – the distal attachment on the Pubic Symphysis is beyond my boundaries.