Splenius Capitis

Splenius Capitis

Inferior Half of the Ligamentum Nuchae, Spinous Process of C7 – T3

Mastoid Process of the Temporal Bone, Lateral Third of the Superior Nuchal Line of the Occipital Bone


  • Bilateral: Neck Extension
  • Unilateral: Ipsilateral Lateral Flexion & Rotation

Dorsal Rami of C3 – C4



  • I will begin at the External Occipital Protuberance (EOP) of the Occipital Bone.
  • From here I will palpate inferiorly along the Ligamentum Nuchae, down to C7 and continuing inferiorly to the Spinous Processes of T1 – T3.
  • This muscle helps extend and contralaterally rotate the head of the neck.
  • I will ask my client to raise their head off the table so I can cross fiber its superiolateral fiber direction to the Mastoid Process of the Temporal Bone and moving slightly superiorly and medially to outline the Superior Nuchal Line.